Integrated Marketing

The Challenge

Consumer behavior today reflects the fragmented complexity of the Internet of Things – all devices that connect to a network. Each added channel fosters new shopping behaviors. Transactions occur across a broadening range of channels and devices, any time, day or night.

Past marketing concepts that once were useful in earlier, less crowded media environments no longer suffice to explain today’s consumer interactions with companies. The proliferating media landscape has made obsolete concepts like the traditional Sales Funnel, which now is too simplistic to deliver an actionable snapshot. Now, attribution models track customer touch points along the purchase decision path. Factor in Web 3.0 which has fostered two-way communication that allows consumers to exercise a voice in the conduct of business.

The very complexity that challenges marketers also provides tools to fulfill the marketing mission. And, the unchanging goal remains: Successful selling means being present where your prospects see your message. Today, consistent messages must appear in multiple communication channels and speak in a clearly unified brand voice addressing topics pertinent to consumer wants and needs.

Greater Minnesota Communications has assembled these tools and services to help you plan, create, and launch successful marketing campaigns in this demanding marketplace that straddles the virtual world and traditional bricks and mortar. While campaigns in past times successfully may have relied on a single medium, in the crowded field today this outdated promotional mode no longer suffices.

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